As ‘Bargain’ Remdesivir Pricing Draws Ire, Market Casts Wary Eye At Relentless Virus

"The focus remains firmly on the virus, rather than anything that is happening to the global economy", SocGen's Kit Juckes wrote Monday. Indeed it does, although you can't neatly separate the two. Asset prices only care about sick people to the extent those folks are either scared, enfeebled, or dead. That's because people who are scared, enfeebled, and especially those who are dead, do not leave the house to consume goods and services. When goods and services don't get consumed, corporate prof

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7 thoughts on “As ‘Bargain’ Remdesivir Pricing Draws Ire, Market Casts Wary Eye At Relentless Virus

  1. I feel the virus is a non-issue and would be surprised if it has the power to lead to a substantial risk off. While asset prices might decline, the virus does not seem to be a great explanation. Obviously, nobody knows anything for sure, but that is just an initial thought given that the country is in a different place now that it understands the fatality rate is much lower and that new research suggests that actual inflections are running 8x the reported numbers which helps underscore the low fatality rate in under 70 age group. However, it is highly politicized as a weapon to dethrone Trump so there may be an attempt to play up its ability to disrupt the risk trade.

    1. Making the statement that “it is highly politicized as a weapon to dethrone Trump” is ridiculous. You are engaging in retro thinking that is being left in the dustbin of history. Please think critically.

      Look at the charts of the South Korea and Germany and the US. If the US were that success as seen in South Korea and Germany, and the media were engaging in “politicized as a weapon,” then you would some credibility.

      Instead, what we are seeing is an utter failure of America. And the failure of Trump as a man. From the when Wuhan was locked down in January through to today, the history books will not look kindly on the Trump presidency.

    2. Amazing the effect a “non-issue” that’s caused 128K American deaths in four months can have on their loved ones…and, of course, those who’ve died. It’s like people aren’t willing to die in the name of more smartphone sales, luxury travel, and trips to the mall. Some even care about their 70 year-old plus relatives and neighbors. A sure sign of our imminent decline. But, the market knows better. It knows that if benefits are cut off for enough low-wage workers, they can be coerced into making it rich again. Nice late-stage capitalism we got here…just don’t try to go to the hospital if you get sick. You’ll never have another dime to spend again. With remdesivir saving the healthcare system so much money, you’ll be broke in no time.

  2. I expect the picture of this pandemic will continue to evolve rapidly on many fronts. In fact recent unvalidated reports indicate there may be more to the immunity angle than once thought. Now it seems that Faucci’s reluctance to embrace antibody testing in prior form may be prescient. All this is still rapidly developing science and may not stand up to scrutiny or scrutiny may be flawed. However some is likely to stick and so far none of these unverified studies are uncovering worrisome results that would indicate things will get worse than they already are. It bears keeping in mind that for a virus to kill many steps in the chain must work well (or bad depending on the perspective chosen) to consistently result in fatalities.

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