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Trump Has Larry Kudlow Working On Plan To Cut ‘Middle Class’ Tax Rate To 15%: Report

A "simple tax message" he can campaign on. 

A "simple tax message" he can campaign on. 
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7 comments on “Trump Has Larry Kudlow Working On Plan To Cut ‘Middle Class’ Tax Rate To 15%: Report

  1. “Trump officials have also floated a payroll tax cut as a possibility”. Yep, why worry about the solvency of social security?

    • Stringfellow Hawk, will you please stop worrying. Trump has that one covered. Mexico will pay for our social security.

  2. Scary how the GOP can soft-peddle inconvenient FACTS as losing the “messaging battle.”

  3. 15% is a tax hike,unless that fool thinks >100.000/year is middle class. And he has no plan to fund Social Security after he shaves a little off the payroll tax. Is granny supposed to live off negative yield CD’s or what?

    • This. Anyone currently designated middle class pays a highest marginal rate of 12%.

  4. I haven’t done any of the work on this, but would it be shocking to learn that the benefits for the middle class turned out not to be as great as advertized?

  5. Trump’s brain: Billionaire – rich, Millionaire – middle class, Thousandaire – working poor, Everyone else – NO GOOD VERY BAD PEOPLE I MEAN SOME OF THEM ARE PROBABLY NOT MURDERERS….

    He’s mostly wrong about that last part. Living a middle class lifestyle from the 60’s or 70’s does practically require becoming a millionaire. The current middle class is subsisting on debt, becoming some kind of mass indentured workforce and the poor treated like an infestation.

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