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Trump Wants To Fire Intel Inspector General For Doing Too Much Inspector Generalling

"To think, I signed the Whistleblower Protection Act!"

Over the past three months, Donald Trump has suggested, among other things, that Adam Schiff be "arrested for treason", that whistle-blower protections be cast aside and that "spies" within his administration should be executed like "in the old days". And that's just what he's said in public, in front of people with working eyes and ears. One can only imagine what the president says behind closed doors, although given this White House's reputation for leaking like a sieve, it's possible most of what there is to know has found its way to the press. For instance, on Tuesday afternoon, the New York Times said Trump has repeatedly suggested he'd like to fire intelligence community inspector general Michael Atkinson. You remember Mike, right? Atkinson was the man who originally deemed the whistle-blower complaint an “urgent concern” and ultimately reported it to Congress, after forwarding it to acting DNI Joseph Maguire, who waited longer than he should have under the law to transmit it to Capitol Hill. As you can imagine, that decision isn't something Trump is particularly pleased with in retrospect seeing as how it's a big reason why he's almost guaranteed to be impeached (i
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1 comment on “Trump Wants To Fire Intel Inspector General For Doing Too Much Inspector Generalling

  1. vicissitude says:

    Re: “Trump shrieked, to his 65 million followers.”

    Before trump was actually elected, I was ranting and raving (somewhere else) about how 65 million followers was sad, because entities like Scooby Doo had far more followers than trump. That was then, and the number of followers has curiously remained basically unchanged, stuck and not growing. Back then one might look at facebook followers and twitter, but apparently the true and factual measure is to now use just twitter. In that light, trump is still greatly overshadowed by Justin Bieber and 8 other cool people and of course Obama still apparently has 110,000,000+ followers.

    Although it’s subjective, twitter audit suggests that trump has lost ground with followers or those following — who has time to track hillbilly nazis? Apparently if trump would block his bot followers, his score will improve by showing he has fewer fake followers.


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