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‘I Am The Chosen One’: Trump Lets Loose In Wild Exchange With Reporters

"Let's have a recession"!

"Let's have a recession"!
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9 comments on “‘I Am The Chosen One’: Trump Lets Loose In Wild Exchange With Reporters

  1. Lance Manly says:

    Trump Muad’Dib?

  2. Mt Math says:

    The ‘Chosen One’ – a demagogue who sees himself as a demigod. SAD!

  3. Tess McGill says:

    I’m really tired of Evangelical Christians and their false idol lecturing me about what is and isn’t good for Jews.

  4. In the last clip:
    Donald Trump “I am the chosen one….”
    George Costanza’s Father “….Somebody had to do it”

    Given the current rate of deterioration, I wonder how ridiculous he’ll sound in 5 years if re-elected.

  5. If he isn’t re-elected, we will look back on this in embarrassment. You will find the correct response to this travesty on the late night shows. The only reason this man can be taken seriously is because of the power he wields.

  6. joeblow says:

    Every day a new high for this lunatic. Perpetual bull market! Where are the options?

  7. Dr Spock says:

    Alzheimer’s Disease: Managing Hallucinations and Delusions

    Remain calm and resist any urge to argue.

  8. Alex says:

    My god this is the heart of darkness, insanity rules.

  9. Christian Dior #4 says:

    We are probably weeks away from trump wearing a green beret, gold chains and a fashionable ammo belt across his puffed out chest … and then the minting of new trump currency and a Yuge new fashion line.

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