‘I Am The Chosen One’: Trump Lets Loose In Wild Exchange With Reporters

On Wednesday, following a series of morning tweets that included a second-hand reference to himself as “The King Of Israel”, and in the wake of a Tuesday evening pronouncement that found the president canceling a planned meeting with the Prime Minister of Denmark because she refused to sell him Greenland, Donald Trump chatted with reporters in a wide-ranging exchange that can properly be described as wholly bizarre.

This week, the president has been at pains to play down rumors that an economic downturn may come calling during an election year, although his efforts to refute what he insists is “fake news” have seemingly backfired. One sure way to spook the public is to tweet in bombastic terms about the economy to 63 million people.

Asked by reporters on Wednesday if the trade war is “worth” risking a recession, Trump first blamed the media and then exclaimed “Let’s have a recession”!

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On Denmark, Trump wasn’t in a joking mood. Indeed, he seems to believe he has every right to buy Greenland.

“It was not a nice statement, the way she blew me off”, he said of Mette Frederiksen. “Because she’s blowing off the United States”.


“I know Denmark well. I have many friends from Denmark”, Trump went on the explain, as though that somehow makes this situation any less surreal. “I have many people from Denmark who live in the United States”, he added.

The president reiterated his long-standing contention that The New York Times is going to go out of business, and in the process, he said he might need to serve more than two terms. This time, he didn’t sound like he was joking.


“In six years, or maybe 10 or maybe 14, right?”, he wondered.

When a reporter asked about family separation, a visibly irritated Trump waved his hand – “Louder”. Then, he regaled everyone with tales of “President Bomb”‘s “cells” and “cages”.


The president doubled (and tripled) down on Tuesday’s egregious remarks about Jewish Americans being “disloyal” to Israel if they don’t vote for Republicans.


This is a terrible talking point and although he surely believes it’s good politics, it’s not. It will backfire spectacularly, and it only adds to the vitriolic character of his fledgling reelection campaign.

Asked by a reporter if he considers gun violence a public health emergency given that more than 100 Americans die every day in gun-related incidents, Trump said he does.


But then, he reminded everyone that people die from other things too, which is true. We’ll grant him that.

Finally, in case you had any doubts, Trump “is the chosen one” (the clip below is from the president’s comments on confronting China, but nevertheless, it is likely to be looped in perpetuity on the way to becoming a meme).


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9 thoughts on “‘I Am The Chosen One’: Trump Lets Loose In Wild Exchange With Reporters

  1. In the last clip:
    Donald Trump “I am the chosen one….”
    George Costanza’s Father “….Somebody had to do it”

    Given the current rate of deterioration, I wonder how ridiculous he’ll sound in 5 years if re-elected.

  2. If he isn’t re-elected, we will look back on this in embarrassment. You will find the correct response to this travesty on the late night shows. The only reason this man can be taken seriously is because of the power he wields.

  3. We are probably weeks away from trump wearing a green beret, gold chains and a fashionable ammo belt across his puffed out chest … and then the minting of new trump currency and a Yuge new fashion line.

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