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After Wall Street’s Biggest Comeback Of 2019, All Eyes Turn To The Chinese Yuan

"Playing with fire".

"Playing with fire".
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5 comments on “After Wall Street’s Biggest Comeback Of 2019, All Eyes Turn To The Chinese Yuan

  1. Anonymous

    This was a plunge protection team bounce and an ugly one for me. Now normally i tend not comment on profits losses etc, but the price action was absolutely plunge protection, that is the reason that idiot came on the news saying to buy stocks because he can’t shut up, he is like a little mama’s boy who wants to show his friends how tough or smart he is. I also don’t say that because i was loosing. Earlier today i did warn those around me that something wasn’t right in Asian futures trading, that shit continued until an hour ago. Twice i was tempted to close my shorts but i held on, decided to hedge instead, mistake. These assholes are using institutions that are there for crisis situations to trade fucking index futures and stocks, so he can be reelected. It’s going to come back and bite them big time.

    • Anonymous

      too right … and also in the same boat 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Any chance you got a source for Trump saying to buy stocks yesterday? I’m very curious to watch that.

  2. Anonymous

    It was hard enough competing with the market cheaters to begin with, now they are subsidizing the radical policy errors of a crooked president on top of everything else. The market is un-tethered a theoretical experiment that has consumed its controls. No confidence in this market and quite frankly in this country. We are screwed!

  3. H-Man, the flow is going to cash with 2% payout. Methinks the game is just starting and it does not portend well for the equity longs. Metals are being well received while debt has gone looney but retreating as I speak. Makes for an interesting market to trade especially with vol.

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