Trump, Icarus And One Man’s Legal Hell

Trump, Icarus And One Man’s Legal Hell

Earlier this week, after reports indicated that Robert Mueller is wrapping up his investigation and will soon submit a final report to William Barr, we noted the obvious, which is this: The end of the Mueller investigation is not the end of Trump’s legal worries, which will drag on for the foreseeable future, and likely for the rest of his life (literally). As ever, that wasn't necessarily an attempt to malign the president. Rather, it was just a statement of fact. Trump is going to rue the
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2 thoughts on “Trump, Icarus And One Man’s Legal Hell

  1. Trump ran on the argument that democracy in the US was dead. Now that he’s president, he’s proving it by declaring a national emergency.

    What we fear the most meets us halfway, it seems. In humility, I can’t say I’m an exception either.

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