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Here’s The Blooper Reel From Trump’s Predictably Absurd China Trade Press Event

"...the question is an interesting one."

"...the question is an interesting one."
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5 comments on “Here’s The Blooper Reel From Trump’s Predictably Absurd China Trade Press Event

  1. Nah, China’s feeling great right now. Trump backed away from the hard deadline because he’s desperate and China knows it. At this point, they’re just stringing him along as far as they can.

  2. Sad as all this sounds, because this in fact is about our leader who presides over our destiny, it is still funny. I am fairly certain that H…. is a script writer for Saturday Night Live in his side job…As mentioned ,we are on hold between relevant events of late so need to be humored .Thanks!!

  3. They should not be talking about whether they are doing an MOA, a contract, or a trade agreement at this point in the negotiations. they are obviously a long way from an agreement.
    I agree, China will drag this out as long as possible until they have new trade partners, sold their US investments, and started growing their own soy beans.

  4. How ridiculous it is that those are the people who make the decisions and run this country . . . and keep us safe? trump sat at that desk where prior confident intelligent men have sat for decades and made a complete ass of himself. The conversation about what to ‘call it’ was embarrassing and that another country sat there and watched in amusement even worse.

    trump’s use of the word sad – constantly! – the coast guard traitor who wanted to kill every single human on the planet and trump’s good buddy caught with the prostitute who was actually a ‘hostage’ – trump says was “sad”.

    The really sad thing is that incompetent evil jackass is still sitting in our White House.

  5. Mikhail Gorbachev

    What specific policies, outcomes, or acting are you looking for?

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