Phil Connors.

"This is pitiful."

"This is pitiful."
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  1. Don’t know if The Donald can drag this out to “A really Great deal” in October of 2020. Have to admit the mileage is piling up on this one

  2. More questions, few answers. Had trouble reading between the lines. We can’t play the market, the market “plays” us.

  3. So, any new news?

  4. Chuck Ponzi

    Yo H Man here’s a clue, chill out. I love your stuff but some days you crank out so damn much that I hate to wade through it.

    Less is more so turn down the volume. Both you and your readers will benefit from fewer and less verbose posts.

    • I’ll write what I want to write, when I want to write it. If you don’t want to read it, don’t click, homie.

      There’s a clue for you.

      • Mr. Heisenburg, You’re not being nice. We were taught in school that we should always show respect to others. And we should graciously accept constructive criticism, shouldn’t we?

        • Seriously? Anyone who has followed him for any length of time knows him for his witty sarcasm and for pointing out the obvious. I think “Mr. H” writes not because gives a shit about what anyone thinks, nor does he need the money from our subscription fees.

          I am fairly certain he writes because:

          As a form of entertainment for himself.
          He got tired of the futility of debating with amateur investors on other investing sites along with dealing with the site “editors/mediators’.
          He knows his knowledge/insight combined with his writing style can benefit many people if they choose to take the time to learn over time.

          I was completely lost when I first ran across him on seeking Alpha and continued to be so after I began reading his posts here. I hung in there and over a period of months I began to learn. I credit and thank the man for teaching me a ton about macro-econ and investing in general.

          • monkfelonious

            I would like to add that the very first comment I made over at SA regarding his entering that venue was something along the line of “Nothing tradable here”. Now, what was really stupid about that comment is that I’m not a trader! Mea culpa. But there was something that I was attracted to, mostly derived from his ability to convey in colorful ways. Then slowly, over time, the switch flipped and a light was cast over things that though were right in front of me, I could not see. it’s all about flavors. He can make the bitter sweet and the sweet bitter..

    • Strongly disagree

    • I agree with your statement. More people should speak up. However, the Heis apparently does not take criticism very well. But he sure likes to dish-it-out !

  5. Excellent piece!

    Trump is the master of creating “news”. Break something or create chaos (NAFTA, immigration, NK, Euro autos, China Trade, Fake news, victimism, etc) then “solve” it (USMCA, Wall, summits, tariffs then removal, tariffs then removal, his alternate “facts” or reality, etc).

    If anyone took a step back no real progress really is ever made. It is like taking your neighbors window out, saying “hey you have a problem, your window is gone” then putting the window back in. Ummmmm ok, what improvement is there????

    But it creates a lot of ummmm “news”.


  6. Sometimes all the answers wind up being questions in the end….H….writes for entertaining others with his thoughts. There are times in this market ,boring as it can get, when the can is being kicked down the road ,as it is…..that practicing his creative writing style seems more to his liking than other options…Voila’

    • yes, my “other options” are not good ones. I don’t have a long list of kosher “hobbies”. A reversion to the historical Heisenberg “mean” would be bad news.

      • Get your meaning ….Now if it were Me I would be out there fishing… Montana this winter is pretty much as it’s reputation would seem to outsiders snowy and cold… Thanks for keeping your fans ( and me) relatively sane and engaged….

  7. The algos check out/pull liquidity when they don’t know wtf is going on. Price is the ultimate indicator, so if the market moves, it makes sense they pull out as they think “maybe we’ve missed something.” To the detriment of market microstructure to be sure, but that’s the reality.

    I would expect this to improve when they are recalibrated to account for the heightened vol BS. We’ve been out of low vol regime for quite some time now, so maybe that’s a contributing factor to improved liquidity; the low vol days have rolled off the look back period.

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