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The Thrill May Be Gone.

The good mood has seemingly worn off.

The good mood has seemingly worn off.
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4 comments on “The Thrill May Be Gone.

  1. It’s getting increasingly difficult to picture a scenario in which the Trump administration gets us through the next year or two without a significant economic downturn.

    The ongoing “negotiation” over the border wall has really demonstrated how incapable he is of compromise. It’s pretty clear that all of his prior “business deals” involved bullying people who were in a much weaker bargaining position and he has no ability to negotiate in good faith with a counterparty with equal bargaining power. Whether its negotiating with House Democrats, or with China, I see little chance of him actually putting in the work to achieve workable solutions to the complex issues that we face. At this point, there’s no guarantee that the government will be open by March, let alone solving a complicated trade dispute with China.

  2. You don’t suppose the ‘Orange One’ is egotistical or a narcissist by chance do you??? LOL

  3. Psychopathic, too (without empathy for (Government workers, Dreamers, or asylum seekers) people)

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