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Trump Tells China To ‘Stop Playing Around’, Says 2 Big Caravans Have ‘Broke Into Mexico’

"Makes so much sense"...

"Makes so much sense"...
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15 comments on “Trump Tells China To ‘Stop Playing Around’, Says 2 Big Caravans Have ‘Broke Into Mexico’

  1. garbage article, just more of your sarcasm, nothing new.

    • You must be new here. Welcome to a world of endless sarcasm, all of which is specifically designed to get on your nerves at all hours of the day, everyday.

  2. How about throwing in some useful info to break up the monotonous rants and raves !

    • speaking of rants and raves, assface stood almost still at MLK statue for 120 seconds yesterday! I almost thought he was dead. damn.

  3. Nah, sunnydog.jj, Heis has nailed it as usual. It is your perspective that is suffering.

  4. Sunny, do note that it’s not Heisenberg who’s ranting and raving. He’s just commenting on some of Trumps more outlandish rants and raves.
    The sarcasm is what we are here for. Plus the economic color, which is some of the best around.

  5. patriotic Pterosaurs! thats awesome!

  6. Mr. Sarcasm, you must be suffering….The Truth hurts, and you have a wholelottatrouble finding it.!…..Now, have at it sycophants !
    P.S. , My mistake, I thought this was a financial site, now I know what you are.

  7. You, sir are a foul-mouthed little sycophant….P.S. What do you wear on halloween?….let me guess, our face looks like that you are referring to, i.e., no mask necessary….A scary thought indeed !!….enough already.

  8. correction:your face, I was typing too fast.

  9. tootalltom

    Can’t get rid of that idiot soon enough. It may take years to undo the damage. If ever.

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