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Egg On Your Face: Fantastic Recession Calls And How To Trade Them

"Despite all the doom and gloom"...

"Despite all the doom and gloom"...
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2 comments on “Egg On Your Face: Fantastic Recession Calls And How To Trade Them

  1. Kudlow could finish his PhD with Powell at Trump University, then our guys could really know what they are talking about. Trump University could run the program in the Whitehouse basement?

  2. It seems to me the proverbial recession is always (two years away) and no one remembers who predicted what and why by that point. After the downturn in 2008 there never was a strong economy because 10 years later it still can’t handle interest rates significantly above the rate of inflation.The seeming prosperity that appears reflected in corporate earnings (consequently ..the equity markets) is merely a result of Liquidity infusions into the banking and corporate system. The prosperity was retained only in select areas of the economy as a futile attempt to retain the Dollar Hegemony for a few more years. It may be in fact (20-20- hindsight) true that this time is different because mean reversion of economic metrics will not occur as usually has been the norm. These indeed are interesting times .

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