Rick James And Recession Risk.

Charlie Murphy.


These 250 Investors Are The Most Bearish Since The Crisis

“…nearly half of the survey respondents (46%) are pessimistic about equity markets for the next year, a substantial jump from 32% in 2016 and 19% in 2015.”

The Fed Is About To Cause A Recession, Lacy Hunt Swears

“I’m very doubtful that they’ll be able to unwind the balance sheet to the extent they say they will.”

Goldman: ‘2 Years Is Too Early’

“It is hard not to worry that things are a little ‘too good’. But market timing is tricky.”

Will This Be The Longest Expansion In US History? Spoiler Alert: Pray For Tax Cuts

“Beneath this optimism, however, we are struggling with narrowing profit margins and a flattening yield curve. These factors typically occur at the later stages of a business cycle.”

One Strategist Thinks You Should Ignore The “Prophets Of Doom”

“The Fed’s decision to tighten rates in the face of sluggish growth and limp inflation has encouraged a narrative that they are embarking on a policy error, with the flattening of the yield curve cited as a primary piece of evidence. Upon closer inspection, however, the prognostications of peril appear wide of the mark.”

“Tortured Traders” And Uncertainty: One Trader Weighs In On Spooked Markets

“Yesterday, NY Fed President Dudley said it was very unusual to see stocks rising when there’s so much uncertainty. True, but they’re getting a lot of help on the regulatory and tax side. But there’s no evidence in other markets that everyone has a clear vision of the path ahead.”

A Trade War With China Will Plunge The World Into Recession – But This Idiot Doesn’t Care

Last Wednesday, Donald Trump decided that China critic Peter Navarro should oversee American trade and industrial policy. The Harvard-trained Navarro is the director of “Death by China,” a documentary you can now suffer through watch for free on YouTube if you’re too cheap to pay for Netflix. I’ve embedded it below for posterity’s sake. Navarro isn’t what you…