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Behold: One Bank’s ‘Fantastic Recession Indicators’

"...and where to find them".

"...and where to find them".
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4 comments on “Behold: One Bank’s ‘Fantastic Recession Indicators’

  1. PaulMiller

    Well, you finally got me to look up the meaning of “egregious”, and I must say that this article fits the definition pretty well.

  2. Anonymous

    can you cover Marko’s latest note ?
    thank you H.

  3. Deleveraging is always painful, especially when forced (ie, via interest rate escalation)
    Let’s hope that the inflationary pressure starting to build up on the production cost side of things, combined with other bilateral tariff dynamics don’t spill over too rapidly towards consumer price inflation…….

  4. David Marilley

    Beautiful deleveraging in China? Guess he is not there or is positioned to profit from implosion?

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