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Elizabeth Warren Kicks Of 2020 Presidential Bid By Accidentally Echoing Trump’s ‘American Carnage’ Spiel

Elizabeth Warren's first step towards 2020 run is also first misstep.

Elizabeth Warren's first step towards 2020 run is also first misstep.
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13 comments on “Elizabeth Warren Kicks Of 2020 Presidential Bid By Accidentally Echoing Trump’s ‘American Carnage’ Spiel

  1. Steve Evans says:

    It might be sad, but Warren has no hope, even against another candidate than Trump. For someone who has been in the public eye for as long as she has, she seems to be quite naive. Nor are all her policies robust. The Republicans will pull out all the stops to see her nominated, if they can’t get have the Bern to trash.

    Jamie Dimon seems to have what it takes.

    It’s not clear that Trump is going to be there in 2020. Some of his craziness is calculated – he throws grenades, everyone gets upset, and then he pulls back from his original outrage, as Lindsay Graham claims he is doing with the Syria pullout. But he does seem unbalanced. He’s also unbelievably ignorant as well as a crook, and his failed policies such as they are will smack him if Mueller, or some other law officials don’t get to him first. Yeah, “lock him up!” Well past time.

  2. xyz says:

    I would vote for Jamie Dimon.

  3. I watched all of the Beto Cruz debates. Beto is an outstanding debater. He can connect with people and will land significant punches on the strong man. As for Daimler the strong man would melt that cheese.

  4. jyl says:

    I don’t see Jamie Dimon or other “Wall Streeter” inspiring the portion of the electorate that the non-Trump candidate will need to turn out in large numbers.

  5. northwest says:

    Clicked on the Beto clip, my thoughts were, Bobby Kennedy. It was immediate. There should not be another savior. That would probably end the same way. It would be too high of a price

  6. Jack says:

    Reaching for a new low.

  7. richardsymms says:

    There had better be a NEW face and a vibrant candidate. Like Beto. Not one of the usual and stale candidates like Biden (Hillary), Warren, etc. Otherwise, we could have another 4 years of crazy stuff allowed by Trump supporters in congress.

  8. Murphy says:

    I will support BETO O’ROURKE 100%. I still wear my Beto for Senate button along with millions of Texans who cheered him and despise Cruz. He was really close to defeating Cruz and in fact, he won all the largest counties in Texas — rural support stayed with their lousy repub Cruz. Beto accepted and received ONLY campaign donations from individuals from all across the United States.
    Check this out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beto_O%27Rourke

    Here is a portion of a letter I mailed to Rafael (Ted) Cruz after the election – all the data shown is 100% correct and Cruz knows he barely won:

    YOU ARE STILL A LOSER and clearly Texans had a hard choice to make about you and only because there are so many racist die-hard older Republicans in this state did you barely eek out a “win”. The other half of this State is not happy about it. Here are only a few Beto ‘wins’ across Texas!

    *Your 'home turf' Harris County+, Tx (Houston) for Beto -- 57.9% to your 41.4%.
    Fort Bend County (Sugar Land) supported Beto 55.7% to your 43.7%.
    **Travis County (Austin) supported Beto 74.3% to your 24.7%.
    *Bexar County (San Antonio) supported Beto 59.5% to your 39.6%
    *Dallas County+ (Dallas) supported Beto 66.1% to your 33.2%

    *Texas has three cities with more than 1 million people: Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, which also rank as 10 of the most populous cities in the country.
    **There are also three cities with a population over 500,000, which are El Paso, Fort Worth and the capital, Austin, which are among the 25 largest cities in the US.
    +The two most densely populated counties in Texas are Harris and Dallas Counties
    NOTE: The most populated cities and counties in the entire State of Texas you did not win. “Twenty-two percent of voters in Texas were voting in a midterm for the very first time. These voters leaned towards O’Rourke by 7 points, while return voters favored Cruz by 6 points. Young voters overwhelmingly supported O’Rourke, 71 to 29 percent and voters aged 30-44 leaned towards him 51 to 47. Voters over 45 favored Cruz 58 to 41.”

    Your service to this state has been a travesty. Your attention to your job is a joke. You are an ass-kissing embarrassment to Texas, even the ones who voted for you agree with that! We will be watching what you do and how you do it. Nothing is forever.

    Beto O’Rourke, a charismatic congressman has a large and passionate following. Beto raised over $38 million from only individual citizens! Beto O’Rourke, is a rising star.

    I am reminding you that most of America just met and recognized Beto for the leader he is meant to be — and one day some day, he will be President of the United States . . . and you never will.

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