Trump Makes ‘Big Progress’, China Slowdown Worsens, Markets Beg For New Year’s Eve Mercy Killing

Inexplicably, the market looks like it's predisposed to taking some measure of comfort in Donald Trump's weekend tweet about a phone call he had with Xi that, according to Trump, was "long and very good." Never mind the fact that the tweet in question was entirely nebulous and, more importantly, came wedged between a series of wild rants that again suggested the crazy badgers that live in the President's brain are up to no good in there. Read more Weekend Notables: Trump Calls Xi, Goldman Sla

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8 thoughts on “Trump Makes ‘Big Progress’, China Slowdown Worsens, Markets Beg For New Year’s Eve Mercy Killing

  1. That dramatic down slope in debt purchase by China reveals determination. I had heard again and again that they had no choice but to buy our debt.

  2. Our Liar in Chief has now turned into the Liar in Chief who cries wolf, again. China will not give in, lordy they will let 500 million of their people die before they even blink. Trump loves the game and the absurd craziness he thinks he can control. Pretty sure the world has had enough. I know we have.

  3. It’s only boring if you’re not in the game and/or wanting to see how this all plays out. Even Ray Dalio wants to see it all unfold so much that he’s willing to spill his guts to the public-at-large on the rules of the game and what moves can be made by the players on the board.

  4. Sentiment is fickle. “China slowdown = bad” can flip to “China slowdown = good” if markets think that makes a so-called trade “deal” more likely. How much to trust such swings in mood is the question.

  5. The LOVELY thing about your opening chart… all the green that follows those big red moves. It also tells me red has happened before, pre-Trump, can you believe it? Trump is such a villain for allowing red on the chart as if it’s something alien. Not saying there isn’t more room for some red, your just a distraction, you have no carpentry skills.

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