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And Behold: The Fed Blinks

"Why the terrible year for financial markets? It’s easy - the Fed."

"Why the terrible year for financial markets? It’s easy - the Fed."
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4 comments on “And Behold: The Fed Blinks

  1. the scary thing with credit, imo, is that credit costs will be permanently higher. tsy yeilds may fall but spreads will widen etc. debt coverage is still very good at in IG space. this will eat into earnings a bit, and cause buybacks to lessen….two pillars of 20x+ ttm p/e complacency.

  2. Hey Macro that was drivel, sorry dude just an opinion. “The Market” you give so much deference to is one of the main reasons WE are in this mess period. Now crying when the stupid slow reacting Fed pulls the candy as their sugar wears off. More debt piled on my f…ing back (Your’s if you pay taxes). F…k you and your deference.

  3. The U.S. market isn’t even down on the year yet. Are we going to engineer the markets so that every year it makes money? If you want to make money every year, invest in a bank CD.

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