‘The Dam Is Finally Breaking’: Orrin Hatch Threatens To Back Push To Strip Trump Of Tariff Power

Guess who has had enough of the Trump administration’s Peter Navarro-inspired trade war?

Everyone. Everyone has had enough.

But on Tuesday, “everyone” took the form of Senate Finance Committee Chairman, Orrin Hatch, who has apparently decided that it might be necessary to actually move forward with legislation designed to limit Trump’s ability to escalate the global trade war any further.

While Hatch – a man who earlier this year found himself at the center of a debate about whether he did or didn’t say that Trump was the greatest president in American history –  indicated he would rather not have to take any extreme measures, preferring instead to work with the White House to find a middle ground.

“[I’d] much rather work with the administration to advance a trade agenda that serves the interests of the American people and job creators”, he mused, but going by the tone of remarks he made on the Senate floor, Orrin seems to think compromise is becoming increasingly far-fetched.

Got that? If not, here’s the readout:

If the administration continues forward with its misguided and reckless reliance on tariffs, I will work to advance trade legislation to curtail presidential trade authority. I am discussing legislative options with colleagues both on and off the Finance Committee and I will continue to do so.

Generally speaking, Hatch is a Trump ally and for him to come out in support of a move to effectively pry Trump’s trade authority from the President’s (tiny) hands would be a pretty egregious blow. Especially considering it was just five months ago when Trump said the following at a GOP retreat at which Hatch was present:


That, unsurprisingly, was a lie. Hatch’s office would later “clarify” things, as follows:

Hatch has said that he would like to work with the President to make this the greatest presidency in history for the American people.

In any event, if Hatch throws his support behind this, it will be a boon to other GOP lawmakers who are concerned about Trump’s trade policies. Lawmakers like Bob Corker, with whom Trump has feuded on a number of occasions since taking office.

Corker – who Trump once branded “Liddle’ Bob” and who the President said “couldn’t get elected dog catcher in Tennessee” – tweeted the following on Tuesday:

Yes, “let’s” do.

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