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Define Insane: Trump Now Says NY Times Set Up Corker, Calls Him ‘Liddle Bob’

"That's what I'm dealing with!"

"That's what I'm dealing with!"
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8 comments on “Define Insane: Trump Now Says NY Times Set Up Corker, Calls Him ‘Liddle Bob’

  1. No H, I agree with his followers. Drumpf is a brilliant tactician and deal maker. Completely sane, so only a federal prison will do.

  2. No, Dan, only solitary confinement in a federal prison will do.

  3. At what point do those worthless adult children intervene? Or his wife? If any of them think his behavior is “normal” they are equally nutz. If there was ever a case demanding intervention, then surely this would be it! Millions of people are in danger as his collapse continues.

    Hey Congress! you don’t need to wait until someone dies before you enact the 25th amendment! But if you need DEATH he is responsible for…start in Puerto Rico. Every single one past 11.

      • Howdy Marty! Actually I see it as the best move for everyone – all of us and them too. ‘All of us’ is clear – nothing to add to that!

        So, best for them… if they do nothing and let this ship sink, they go down with the ship and are all packed up and moved out. Some people might even feel sorry for them if they play their cards right! Afterall, it is their only father. They supported him and were taught by him about how to win in business. Jr. is just a dumbfuck and does not even think before he speaks – so he could easily hang himself by mouthing off on any subject. Obviously he was either taught or picked up the methods of deny and lie, lie and deny, make them prove it, never admit, deny and lie some more. His life will come to an abrupt end one day, be it later or now. He does not have an official position in the WH.

        He and his egghead brother would still run Trump Organization even if daddy is removed. In fact, he would most likely have a case against his daddy if daddy was to make a move to have that power transferred — maybe a Judge would agree that daddy was NOT in a frame of mind to be allowed to make those changes now. It has also been reported that Jr. is miserable with the lifestyle he is forced into and that seems to be confirmed with his request to end SS guards. Some owner of a diner in the country area where Jr has a 2nd home spoke to the media about that a while ago. Jr. has nothing to gain if daddy stays in the WH, in fact his own reputation will continue to sour and he could easily end up in jail (if it is not too late already)!

        Ivanka is not the only celebrity to use the woeful workers in China to manufacture her crap. Nor was she the first and sure as hell won’t be the last. Klein and Hilfiger were also mentioned in the article linked and we know there are many many more. So, if daddy is removed, this headline will fade away and she will continue to use cheap/slave labor to make money. If daddy continues to muck up her reputation, she may as well shut down that business. Another slant is she actually has a position in the WH and if daddy goes out the back door and Pitiful Pence comes in the front door, she still has a job and I would bet he would keep her there! So unless there are some criminal charges against her, maybe on the email crap (doubtful), her best chance for a future is to remove daddy from the scene so he can no longer add misery to her life.

        A reasonably good lawyer (wink wink) could sit down with these “kids” and point out some facts, pro and con, and I bet those “kids” would collide in the doorway rushing to find a good shrink to intervene!

        Melania comes out the biggest winner. She certainly has stayed out of the day to day media circus and many times has received the pity of people who think she has been wronged with media talking about what she was wearing and those stupid high heels! She is still married to this Loser so she would get all the money. All she has to do is stand there and keep her mouth shut. Seems easy for her to do already. Then find a beautiful new home to hide from the media with Barron. Speaking of Barron, he is the innocent child and Melania could change her life immeasurably if she finds the benevolent path to support him.

        So, Marty, the best thing for all these family members is to bring about an intervention. In other words, just stop the bleeding and they will live thru it. 🙂

        • The “best” thing for sure, Murphy. Anything that or anyone who puts Trump in a padded room so as to immunize America from his chaos is the best thing. I’m simply addressing the probabilities of these four characters playing intervenors to this insane character. I’m of the mind that none of them have ability, wisdom, good judgment or capacity to in some fashion change the course of the behavior of a mentally deranged person. Until now, we arm chair psychologists have been using our own experiences and intellect to conclude what’s obvious for all to see, i.e., that Trump is totally off his rocker.

          However, now that we have the “consensus view of two dozen psychiatrists and psychologists that Trump is dangerously mentally ill and that he presents a clear and present danger to the nation and our own mental health.” See, “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President.” Read some of the comments:

          I have zero confidence in his offspring or spouse being able to reach past his mental illness and change the course of his day to day behavior for the better.


          ps: Clarence Darrow and Gerry Spence together with Sigmund Freud and Siddhārtha Gautama, couldn’t successfully make this work: “A reasonably good lawyer (wink wink) could sit down with these “kids” and point out some facts, pro and con, and I bet those “kids” would collide in the doorway rushing to find a good shrink to intervene!”

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