All Quiet On The Western Front?

All Quiet On The Western Front?

All quiet on the Western front? Well, not exactly. Western democracies are actually in a state of turmoil right about now (get it? "right" - there's a rare triple entendre in there if you're looking hard enough), thanks almost entirely to a still-simmering, semi-global populist revolt that should have died with Marine Le Pen's trouncing in the French elections, but which has survived thanks to Donald Trump's ongoing efforts to undermine multilateral institutions and otherwise sow discord in Eu
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4 thoughts on “All Quiet On The Western Front?

  1. How the hell is it possible that one individual can cause this much turmoil and nobody can stop this idiot? Or is it possible that the individuals with the power to stop the ‘Donald’ are themselves also inept?

  2. We read about these types of people every day — news bulletins, your nightly news, your morning news, road rage, many are criminals, many more wannabe criminals, hate filled, depressed, down trodden, sitting next to you in church every Sunday, walking past you on the sidewalks, driving next to you on the freeways — always hidden under their rocks, the slime of America.

    Take away their FOX, InfoWars, Hannity, Alex Jones, the likes of them — clean it up — get rid of the hate filled ranting lunatics that have some “right” to spew their garbage for no damn reason — clean it all up and things will change!

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