The Real Estate Developer, The Chinese Strongman And Cheshire Cat’s Smile

The Real Estate Developer, The Chinese Strongman And Cheshire Cat’s Smile

Remember when trade wars were "good and easy to win"? Oh, how we all long for a return to the halcyon days of ... errr... March? I don't know where Donald Trump got the idea that Xi Jinping is a man with whom one wants to fuck, but somewhere along the way, he (Trump) seems to have gotten the impression that he was going to be able to strong-arm the second most powerful man on the planet (the first being Putin and well, that's anoth
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11 thoughts on “The Real Estate Developer, The Chinese Strongman And Cheshire Cat’s Smile

  1. I hope Trump kicks their ass for conducting a long-term one sided trade war. They have levied arbitrary fees on trade long enough!

  2. One day, you folks are going to realize you’re on the wrong side of history.

    This is deteriorating by the day. Trump is descending into something that’s no longer funny (I mean, he’s still funny, but less so). Here’s an example:

    implicitly describing immigrants as insects. i’ve always said Trump is just a buffoon and an accidental autocrat, but he’s sliding down a slippery slope to a dangerous place.

    i really hope his supporters don’t have to look back one day and try to cope with the mental anguish that will accompany having to reconcile supporting him with the human rights abuses his administration is on the verge of explicitly mandating.

    that’s not to say that other administrations have not created and fostered humanitarian crises all over the world with far-flung wars and bad policies.

    but fair or not, imprisoning children on the U.S. border is going to be viewed in a different light by the history books.

    1. “One day, you folks are going to realize you’re on the wrong side of history.”

      You give way to much credit to Trump’s base self-awareness.

      It’s double-speak, moral relativism, and self-delusion all the way down.

  3. Anyway you cut it, this republican group of sleaze is stealing children from their parents. Some are in fucking diapers, this is the Grand Old Party my ass.Stealing kids using our name, The United States of America.

    Do something you jackasses, VOTE. Vote them out. Now.

    1. Will be doing that for damned sure! In the meantime, do as I have done a few times the last few days and don’t hold back! Fill in the blanks and tell him what you think about what he is doing!

      Name, address and phone — he does not scare me! I have the Thank You replies as proof.

  4. H, another great article. I had posted a comment on SA yesterday with a link to a marketwatch article on why the Phillips curve correlates have domestcally loosened up in the last decade. Globalization was indeed mentioned, and it has no doubt had a huge impact on the curve dynamics.

    It’s all very interesting. A trade war would reinforce (sensitize) the traditional Phillips curve correlations, and would further exasperate the issue directly via consumer goods inflation. So there’s potential wage inflation ramifications as well as direct consumer goods inflation implications.

    If this is indeed the case, over the long term, one would expect a reversal of domestic internal corporate capital flows:
    away from massive share repurchasing, and back towards employee captial (wages).

  5. OK, in simpler language (ahem!) trump really thinks he is the smartest guy in the room because he has demanded loyalty and not honesty from his employees as well as his alleged friends — which he really does not have – so he has been told how smart he is about everything, anything.

    The problem we have now is he is playing the wrong game. Just like the board game depicted at the top, he is playing checkers against the chess experts. We lose.

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