‘I Was Told There Would Be No Corrections’

‘I Was Told There Would Be No Corrections’

Ok, well it's official. It's a correction. And predictably, it comes just two weeks after folks finished celebrating the longest streak in recorded history without a 5% pullback by dumping massive amounts of cash into U.S. equity funds (look at January): https://twitter.com/heisenbergrpt/status/961728972303339520 Obviously, the timing there was a disaster. And if you're wondering what the breakdown on those flows is, I can tell you. The lion's share went to, in order, SPDR S&P 500 Trus
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5 thoughts on “‘I Was Told There Would Be No Corrections’

  1. Can someone please, please help me. Every news story I hear says the “Fundamentals” of the stock market are fine. If CAPE is through the roof and the 10yr is blasting off like the Falcon Heavy, WTF “Fundamentals” are these guys talking about. The 2yr projected earnings? Like the execs that want to buy a house in the Hamptons are going to be honest about that? I can’t tell you how many times in 2007 that the “Fundamentals” of the market and economy are great. I think they should strike the word from the vocabulary and say exactly what data points they are talking about. I was just listening to MarketPlace, which I kind of like I”l admit, and they were saying “well if things were that bad then corporate bond rates would be going up”. You idiots IG will normalize to the 10yr over time because the 10yr carries no risk… sigh,

    1. HY and IG spreads blew out today. SJB has been in the green for the past two weeks (or whenever that bond “rout” started). What the fuck kind of data points are they looking at lol?

  2. “Everything is fine it’s just the market being the market”, “this might be a good time to buy the dip”, “folks no need to panic this is a needed correction”, “this really is healthy for our markets” (all said with a straight face). All possibly true IFFFFFF we were in a typical 3 year bull market not this bloated, gigantic debt infested, turd created by a bunch of FED heads wondering IFFFFFF this experiment will even work????? Well sh*t it should work in theory right Bill Dudhead.

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