To BTFD Or Not To BTFD, That Is The Question

To BTFD Or Not To BTFD, That Is The Question

"To buy the fucking dip or not to buy the fucking dip, that is the question." Judging from the morning trading on Wednesday (which is really all we have to go on because let's face it, you can't divine anything from the manic price action on Tuesday), it appears that some folks see an "opportunity" to get in on what they imagine is the next leg higher after the S&P finally snapped the longest streak in history without a 5% pullback. But is this really "an opportunity"? Well, that probabl
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4 thoughts on “To BTFD Or Not To BTFD, That Is The Question

  1. i was short and now i am a buy BTFD–hated every second of it. 1/3 position and some options to back up the same stocks.
    i did keep a 1/5 hedge–god i hope i am right–now one knows.
    yes the problems still exist–bigly.
    one of my two advisers said get long going into the second 1/2 of February.
    i did.
    we will see.
    maybe they wont raise rates.
    herd has been trained.
    good luck all.
    i will try to send a link Y-graph showing inflation/rates.

    1. I’m just out for now, with the caveat of a little Asian money I left in the game as a toe in the water. The dollar crash in ’17 was sweet, so I might as well enjoy the gains from the sidelines.

  2. They ALMOST HAVE to raise rates as bullets are a little scarce in the ole back-up plan. The happenings of the last week make the FED board of Dunces very, very nervous then throw in our “Liar in Chief” mix it all up and you get freakout brownies.

    This is the BS game of major can kicking and the kicking is getting less and less effective, just read some David Stockman for a reality check. The longer this ridiculous “Melt-up” crap (ten years of public debt based liquidity-yep folks, we will be responsible for most of this sh*t) the happy big banks and friends laugh at our own stupidity.

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