David Stockman Rips Trump’s ‘Delusional SOTU’

David Stockman Rips Trump’s ‘Delusional SOTU’

By David Stockman as originally published on Contra Corner and reprinted here with permission As we said on Fox Business yesterday, Donald Trump is walking himself right into a miserable trap. He and his putative "advisors" are apparently so blind to the severe headwinds facing the financial markets and the deep structural impairments plaguing the US economy that they have eagerly embraced a veritable fairy tale. Namely, that after one year of pugnacious and impulsive tweeting and little e
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3 thoughts on “David Stockman Rips Trump’s ‘Delusional SOTU’

  1. Disagree Heisy. Additional QEs are the inevitable result of what’s to come. Just enough to have sub-2% inflation, maybe a bit higher, since they need to inflate away this debt. Literally, what other option is there.


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