David Stockman Is Not Particularly Amused With Your Inflation Targeting

“Is there any evidence that the microscopic variance between 1.9%  and 2.3% inflation on the PCE deflator makes any difference to the performance and prosperity of the main street economy?”


David Stockman Is Not Impressed With Ronald McDonald

“Needless to say, you can’t capitalize those types of gains because they are non-recurring and non-sustainable.”

David Stockman Says This Cycle Is An Octogenarian – At Least

“…like in the case of an aging human, where weakened defenses and impaired resilience cause it to succumb to infections and other exogenous threats, the main street economy is exceedingly vulnerable.”

David Stockman Weighs In On Amazon’s Quarter, Calls Bezos A ‘Shark Jockey’

“There are only so many malls to destroy.”

David Stockman On Subprime, WeWork And Beer Goggles

“Between the March 2009 bottom and the January 2018 peak, of course, they were essentially buying the dips—-about 50 of them with material dimension. The short-run narrative constantly changed—low interest rates, escape velocity ahead, synchronous global reflation, Goldilocks once more—-but the mechanic was always the same.”

David Stockman: Trump Is ‘Piling One Delusion Upon Another’

“Stated differently, the Orange Comb-Over is definitely not making America Great Again.”

David Stockman Weighs In On 10Y Yields At 3%

“In a word, honest bond yields will knock the stuffings out of the mainstream fairy tale that passes for economic and financial reality.”

David Stockman: It’s A Matter Of Time Before Trump Attacks The Fed

“Indeed, the Donald’s impending attack on the purported sacred ‘independence’ of the Fed is the Orange Swan that looms over the casino.”

David Stockman: ‘There Has Been No Acceleration Of Main Street Under Trump’

“In effect, the Donald is taking credit for the doings of the plain old business cycle, and at the worst possible time.”

David Stockman: These Are ‘The Delusions Of MAGA’

“The Donald is not leading America to the promised land. Instead, he’s leading it to war abroad, fiscal and economic calamity at home and a crisis of governance that pales Watergate into insignificance.”

David Stockman: Forget The FBI, This Is The ‘Real Raiding Party’

“While the FBI was raiding the offices of Trump’s lawyer yesterday afternoon, the CBO published a blockbuster report evidencing the Donald’s own raiding party.”

David Stockman Presents: The Revenge Of Bad Money

“At length, you get Donald Trump instead, and you get his half-baked advisor, Peter Navarro, on bubblevision explaining that protectionism is the new route to free trade.”

David Stockman: ‘This Is Not Your Grandfather’s Trade War’

“But, alas, the ‘foolish or incompetent people’ skewered in the Donald’s 7:22 AM tweet are not some defunct Commerce Department or USTR officials from bygone times.”

David Stockman On Tesla, Trump, And ‘Crazy Time’

“That amounts to 156 months without a recession in the face of a guaranteed bond shock that will take the 10-year benchmark yield to 4.00% and beyond.”

David Stockman: The 200-DMA Ain’t No Maginot Line

“But here’s the thing. The blue line below ain’t no Maginot Line.”