David Stockman Delivers Epic Send-Off To Steve Bannon But Warns ‘It’s Way Too Late’

“Bannonism just gave a thin veneer of ersatz nationalism to what was otherwise the Donald’s own dogs’ breakfast of protectionism, nativism, xenophobia, jingoism and strong-man bombast.”


David Stockman: If Michael Wolff Wants To See Some Real Idiots, He Should Look At The People Buying The S&P at 2743

“Yet there is something about Michael Wolff’s tirade that deeply resonates, albeit on the other end of the Acela Corridor. We are referring, of course, to the ‘idiots’ who are buying the S&P 500 at 2735 and earnestly debating the pros and cons of bitcoin at $16,000.”

David Stockman Asks: ‘Dow 25,000, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?’

“…we know of no melt-up that had legs of more than a few months after the point that irrational exuberance went full retard, as is happening at this very moment.”

David Stockman Unveils The ‘Watchword For 2018’: ‘UNHINGED!’

“That refers to Wall Street, Washington, the Dems and the GOP, and all the far and near corners of the planet which are implicated in their collective follies.”

David Stockman: Bitcoin Speculators Will ‘Have Their Hands Burned To A Crisp’

“All of these latter-day speculators will have their hands burned to a crisp, and they will learn the proper lesson.”