David Stockman Says This Cycle Is An Octogenarian – At Least

By David Stockman as originally published on Contra Corner and reprinted here with permission This morning we heard one of the usual bubblevision suspects, a Keynesian street economist by the name of Ian Shepardson, giving the all-clear signal to buy stocks. He claimed business cycles don't die of old age, and implicitly, therefore, that the Fed has your back and will keep GDP and earnings chugging ever higher. And, besides, there is huge pent-up demand for CapEx, which is purportedly go

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2 thoughts on “David Stockman Says This Cycle Is An Octogenarian – At Least

  1. Paper wealth can grow and contract, but debt is static and only reduces with payment. Consumer, corporate and government debt are at historic highs which is going to lead to astronomical lows and an inability for repayment. Brace yourselves, the financial wall is about to fall and winter will be here sooner than you think.

  2. The Host Is Dead ! … And has been dead for some time now , Accept It ! . In your allegory to the Human body you have been remiss in not illustrating that modern medical machines are able to keep a Dead Person ‘ Technically Alive ‘ indefinitely . A Doctor calls the time of death . To me it seems The Doctors are too busy buying $100 Million + Apts in NYC and the tenth Lamborgini in Abu Dabhi to do this . When the parasites suck away the last penny that the legal inheritors are entitled to – A Time of Death will be called .

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