The Deflation Demon Lives!

The Deflation Demon Lives!

Look, I guess "America first" doesn't necessarily have to mean "world fucked", but you'd be forgiven for thinking that's the way it's likely to turn out. I mean, on immigration it's not really even necessary to lampoon Trump's recent trials and tribulations or even to point to the the travel ban if what you want to do is make a case that America's doors are closed. All you have to do is go back and read the transcript of the President's call with Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull when, in an effo
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One thought on “The Deflation Demon Lives!

  1. given current capacity utilization levels….these corps claiming to build more factories are either sowing their own seeds of destruction or just getting some free positive press. low rates and now lower taxes are serving only to lower hurdle rates, encouraging expansion that will ensure low prices and thinner margins later.

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