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‘The Knives Are Out’: Steve Bannon Calls For Mitch McConnell To Resign

Steve is at war - still.

Steve is at war - still.
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3 comments on “‘The Knives Are Out’: Steve Bannon Calls For Mitch McConnell To Resign

  1. I think he gets away with his bullshit because of his appearance. He looks like a unkempt long haul trucker who crawled out of his truck’s cab and put on an old suit, toothpick in his mouth, beer breath, food in his teeth … well, a little overkill there, but you get the idea. It is also commonly said that he looks like a drunk in the corner bar. People believe him to be closer to them than the fancy rich politician. If he was spit polished and in a $5,000 suit he would clearly be a con.

    It’s the old adage to “dress the part”.

    • GW Bush was said by his supporters to look and sound like a guy you would like to have a beer with.” Clearly, if you sound like an uneducated boob, you are in higher demand and especially among conservative and less educable personality types.

      The overwhelming failure of the concept of democracy – even a representative democracy like the US is supposed to be – is the ignorance of its contradiction of simple mathematics of how a democracy works. Intelligence is a bell shaped curve and the 5% of the democracy that may have a clue as to what is really going on – will always be outvoted by the 95% divided into two parties (for further confusion of issues) composed of those that simply aren’t up to the intellectual effort and task of understanding what is going on in reality – before voting on issues. Or, voting for the people intelligent enough to represent their best interests.

      I’m genuinely amazed that any democracy ever last more than an hour and half. I find it a further verification of proof, that the US’s faux democracy – is nothing more than a toy steering wheel mounted on the voter’s car seat. An illusion of having control – similar to responsible adults.

      • Dugger, sorry, I got lost in the last paragraph when you mentioned a toy steering wheel mounted on car seat and that conjured up an image of trump sitting in that big truck, hands on steering wheel, playing like he was driving and was acting like a 2 yr old child … and then ended with the words responsible adults.

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