Paul Ryan Decides ‘To Hell With This’ And Meanwhile, John Boehner Got Dat Kush For Tha Low

“Also, Ryan never really wanted this job in the first place, so it’s as good a time as any to go back to Janesville and skip leg day WHENEVER HE WANTS.”


Local GOP Moron Christina Hagan Tries (And Fails) To Pass Off Video Of Morocco As Mexico

Christ on a bike.

Listen You Ingrates, Paul Ryan Wants You To Know That $1.50 Is A Lot Of Money These Days

I mean fuck me, do you want a free Costco membership or don’t you?!

David Stockman Presents: The Two Elephants The GOP Has Forgotten

“Indeed, they are the proverbial elephants in the room, thereby giving rise to a considerable irony: To wit, the GOP party of the elephant, which is supposed to be the palladium of financial rectitude in American politics, has forgotten about them completely.”

Dear Conservatives: Your Services Are No Longer Needed In Our Government

Thanks, but we’ll take it from here.

David Stockman Unveils The ‘Watchword For 2018’: ‘UNHINGED!’

“That refers to Wall Street, Washington, the Dems and the GOP, and all the far and near corners of the planet which are implicated in their collective follies.”

Bob Corker Demands Answers After Finding Out Tax Bill Will Make Him Richer

I guess my question for all the “working families” the GOP tax bill is supposed to help would be this: how many real estate LLCs do you have stakes in?

In Watershed Moment, Democrats Now Have Largest Lead In Voter Preference Since 2008

Well in the latest evidence to suggest that the public is turning against the GOP, a new NBC/WSJ poll shows that…

Paul Krugman On The GOP’s Final Middle Finger To The Middle Class

“Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose; in the GOP’s case, that means the freedom to be the party of, by, and for oligarchs they always wanted to be.”

‘The Knives Are Out’: Steve Bannon Calls For Mitch McConnell To Resign

Steve is at war – still.

The GOP’s Black Tuesday: Gillespie, Trump, Roem & The Triumph Of Reason Over Fear

“I know folks that lost tonight who were going against candidates I’d never even heard of.”

Noam Chomsky: Trump’s Antics Mask Far More ‘Destructive’ Dynamic

“Whether Trump has any idea what he and his henchmen are up to is not clear. Perhaps he is completely authentic: an ignorant, thin-skinned megalomaniac whose only ideology is himself. “

‘Believe Me.’

What could go wrong?

Krugman: Republicans Are A ‘Horde Of Zombies’ Whose Brains Have Been Eaten

“So where did this zombie horde come from? Who ate Republicans’ brains?”