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Dear Conservatives: Your Services Are No Longer Needed In Our Government

Thanks, but we'll take it from here.

Thanks, but we'll take it from here.
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5 comments on “Dear Conservatives: Your Services Are No Longer Needed In Our Government

  1. Very well said, H, and one of your most cogent pieces. I’m seeing such a resurgence of the conspiracy-theory bs on my Facebook feed (where I go to hopefully see what old friends and co-workers are up to, not how the President is battling human traffickers in the largest worldwide crackdown ever…..but it’s SECRET!), I’m beginning to think it must be election time already.

    I’ll admit, though, that I’m getting tired of fighting against this tide of never-ending sludge. The GOP will continue to back him until his last day in office (they own him, right? He’s got an ‘R’ next to his name, so they can’t give up). And I don’t think Mueller is going to find any overt collusion or overt obstruction. Plenty of circumstantial stuff, but not enough to oust him. Let’s face it….a lot of work will have to be put in to a) keeping Trump from screwing up anything too badly that it becomes obviously dire and then b) planning to undo most of what else he’s done that is leading the country down self-destructive paths, and probably right up until 1/20/21.

  2. Jeff is dead on. Great piece H. The scariest part to me is the fact that what is going on in DC is being taken as permission for GOP apparatchiks to take control of our lives at the state and local level, too. They are dug in like a batch of blood-thirsty ticks and will be almost impossible to remove even after the national menace is gone.

  3. trump is no conservative.
    not on trade, spending, monetary, foreign policy, budget, abortion, etc.

  4. turkeyriver

    Trump is the punishment this country is enduring for allowing someone as corrupt as HRC run for President.
    I will not/cannot defend him or her.. No, I do not watch Alex Jones or listen to Rush, but I do read with both eyes open. Having a D next to their name does not make them a good or competent gov’t official. I offer Chicago and the state of Illinois as evidence. We are in our current state because we have elected “professional” politicians who want to keep their jobs. I fear we are at the end of several ropes at once. Demographics, financial manipulating, and economic realities are coming together to build the solid wall which the kicked can will soon bounce off of. H does well at pointing out the clouds on the horizon, but needs to spread the blame a bit. No one person or political party can possibly cause the mess we are in.

  5. Far right or left, what’s the difference? Go back and read some of the Ben Hunt articles you’ve linked to here about what a Hobson’s choice really means and the concept of the “small l” liberal. As he says, the far left will eventually give you the same authoritarianism as the right, but with a smiley face. (If the jack-boots are pink or rainbow patterned, well that’s OK, then…) Some moderates from either party have good ideas and intentions, but in today’s environment they just get shouted down – if not from the opposition, then from inside their own party by those who don’t think they are “x” (you fill in the blank) enough… Stephen King’s short story “The End of the Whole Mess” might be about the best thing that could happen…

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