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Mueller Has Enough Evidence To Indict Michael Flynn, May Use Son As Leverage

"Lock him up."

"Lock him up."
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7 comments on “Mueller Has Enough Evidence To Indict Michael Flynn, May Use Son As Leverage

  1. Karma.
    LTG MF, ain’t so sneaky now.
    Notice how this could lead to PERSONAL BANKRUPTCY, if they all go to TRIAL.

  2. We all know that Flynn’s son resigned after the idiotic re-tweet of the absurd Hillary/Child “whatever” scandal in the basement of a pizza shop. But daddy re-tweeted the same shit. Doesn’t say much for his intelligence and HE WAS A GENERAL. OMG. Just have this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that Donny will fire Mueller, place us in a constitutional crisis, and the GOP will play the three, proverbial monkeys and do absolutely nothing.

  3. Posted before I finished reading. “Mueller Time” for an Oscar.

  4. Applause for finding and using the two videos at bottom of article! The Flynn video, I remember him riling the crowd and complimenting them for the chant Lock Her Up – he thought that was funny. Karma’s gonna get him! LOL

    The last video, It’s Mueller Time was hysterical! So well done and loved the ending!!

    Nice work on this column, H! a good read!

  5. PaulMiller

    Is that the significant crime here? Tweeting propaganda during an election cycle? Oh, the horror.

  6. PaulMiller

    it is up to us voters to punish the hypocrisy, fabrications, and lies of politicians. We failed in our responsibilities a year ago, and the resulting lack of wisdom, decorum, and judgement in the winning party is not the fault of 1 or 2 % of social media accounts, the .01% of political advertising, or the actions of a few of Trump’s election team. It’s our dumbed-down culture and the apathy of the majority of Americans who did not support Trump.

    • I noticed a significant error in your last sentence and would like to fix that for you…. leave out the word ‘not’ and the majority of America will concur.

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