Trump’s Lawyers Said To Ponder Offering Mueller A Meeting In High-Stakes Gamble

If his attorneys think they can trust him to sit through an entire interview with Robert Mueller without flying off the handle or, at the very least, accidentally incriminating himself, they don’t know much about their client.


Former FBI Agent: ‘I Worked Under Mueller’ And We’re Going To Need More Than Mueller

“After all, these same committee members also have to attend to pressing issues like health care, and preventing nuclear war — there are only so many hours in the day. ”   

‘Facebook Should Be Treated Like A Crime Scene’

“To paraphrase Rubio: Imagine being able to call on the resources of a nation state to do targeted ad buys.”

Former FBI Agent ‘Invites You To Consider Another Possibility’ On Paul Manafort

“…but that’s because it was happening somewhere else.”

Trump Will Fire Mueller – Here’s What Happens After That

“In the scenario outlined above, in which Trump faces, at the very worst, impeachment without removal, he won’t have completely undone the norms, but he will have eroded them. His tenure will have moved the line of the conceivable.”

Mueller Asks White House To Produce Documents On Trump’s Actions As President: NYT

In case it wasn’t clear to you that the walls are closing in on this administration, The New York Times is out reporting that Robert Mueller has now asked the White House to produce documents related to the actions Trump has taken as President.

Bombshell: Paul Manafort Was Wiretapped By FBI Before And After Election

Well, someone’s “wires” were indeed “tapped” (as Trump famously alleged in an ill-fated tweet earlier this year) and that someone was Paul Manafort.

WSJ: Facebook Gives Details Of Russian Ads To Mueller, Possibly After Search Warrant

“Facebook has handed over to Robert Mueller detailed records about the Russian ad purchases on its platform that go beyond what it shared with Congress last week.”

‘Red Hot’ Mueller ‘Zeroing In’ On Russia’s Use Of Facebook, Twitter: Sources

Mark my words: you’re going to wake up one day a year or so from now and discover that some of the sites you frequent have been shut down – permanently.

Lawyers Told Trump Jared Kushner Should Resign Due To Russia Ties

In other words, Trump’s lawyers thought maybe it wasn’t the best idea for the President to have, as a key adviser, someone who is himself under the microscope for the very same possibly nefarious dealings that Trump is suspected of.

Rangappa: How States’ Rights Became Trump’s Achilles Heel

“Either way, Trump may soon learn that the “states’ rights” ostensibly represented by the monuments and flags he reveres includes the power to bring his campaign team — and even him — to justice.”

Mueller Has Copy Of Unsent Trump Letter Detailing Reason For Comey Firing: NYT

“The May letter had been met with opposition from Donald F. McGahn II, the White House counsel, who believed that some of its contents were problematic.”

Mueller, Schneiderman Team Up In Possible Bid To Counter Trump Pardon Power

Trump’s legal team might want to start burning the candle at both ends…

Here’s What The FBI Raid On Paul Manafort Means – Spoiler Alert…

“That brings us to the most important implication of the news of the Manafort raid.”

‘Bobby Three Sticks’ Versus The Pathological Liar: ‘Hustle Bobby’

“We are in for an epic clash between two septuagenarians who both came from wealthy New York families and attended Ivy League schools but couldn’t be more different — the flamboyant flimflam man and the buttoned-down, buttoned-up boy scout.”