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‘They’re Gonna Have To Frisk Jared For A Wire’: Mueller Probing Flynn Role In Documentary

“He said: ‘We don’t want anyone to know the Flynn Intel Group has anything to do with this.’ ”

“He said: ‘We don’t want anyone to know the Flynn Intel Group has anything to do with this.’ ”
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9 comments on “‘They’re Gonna Have To Frisk Jared For A Wire’: Mueller Probing Flynn Role In Documentary

  1. Here’s what I can tell you about Jay Sekulow. ZERO CREDIBLITY.

    He has a terrible “tell.” Whenever he tells you something “specific” that’s obviously not true on its face, you can fairly conclude the opposite is true. Here, the truth is, as H implicitly suggests:

    Everyone should draw the conclusion from the above set of facts that Gen. Flynn is cooperating against the president.

    Perfect example of Sekulow’s ZERO CREDIBLITY “Tell”:

    On July 12, 2017, Sekulow denied that he or The Donald was involved in the drafting of the initial statement put out by Trump Jr. on Junior’s meeting with the Russians. Again, on July 16, Sekulow denies that Donald was involved in drafting Jr.’s initial statement on the meeting: “I do want to be clear — that the President was not involved in the drafting of the statement.”

    July 31 WaPo: Trump helped come up with misleading statement initially put out by Trump Jr. on the meeting, i.e., “In response to The New York Times’ reporting that Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer during the campaign, the President dictated a misleading statement for his son, The Washington Post reports.”

    “The Post, citing multiple people with knowledge of the situation, said the original plan in response to The Times’ reporting was to issue a truthful statement ahead of the story, but then Trump personally decided to have the statement say Trump Jr. had met with Veselnitskaya to discuss adoption of Russian children by people in the US. The Post reports that Trump dictated the statement on July 8 while flying back to Washington from the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, aboard Air Force One.”

    Again, Sekulow weighs in with ZERO CREDIBLITY:

    “Trump’s attorney, Sekulow, said in a statement in response to the Post story, ‘Apart from being of no consequence, the characterizations are misinformed, inaccurate, and not pertinent.”

    August 1: White House admits Donald came to the rescue and prepared another big lie for his impaired son, thus rendering Sekulow a HUGE ZERO.

    • Marty, so, in other words, not a page of words, Sekulow’s “tell” would be – his lips are moving.

      I am in awe that you can keep all this data and dates so well organized! I suspect you are secretly working with Mueller! I’m right, aren’t I…well, you should be!!

      • P.S. I forgot to mention I cracked up with your comment at the end…. “…for his impaired son” LOL!

      • i’ll take credit for remembering the events but not the particular dates or the quoted material which I ripped from the web. I am secretly working with Mueller (my choice Person of the Year*) Unfortunately he doesn’t know it.

        *Obviously, not Donald (once is enough), and hopefully
        not Putin, who must be one of their top three on their list.
        Maybe “Women” should be there choice.

  2. Did Jared spend Thanksgiving with Donny at Mar-A-Lago? Considering it’s the first Thanksgiving for the Trumps as First Family, if he did not, it may say something about their upcoming legal destinies with each other.

    • Not a chance, milbank. He was up in D.C. planning his escape from NY!

      You know the ONE thing that I notice that’s absent from the articles that I read about Jared that concern his failure to submit financial forms, or submit the forms properly as to security clearence, or submit the forms properly in accordance with law, or failed to submit 100 contacts he had with foreign contacts, is because the forms are so complicated, his secretaries prematurely hit the send button, he’s too busy committing some other legerdmain elsewhere (like failing to supply documents to Grassely and Feinstein), or whatever other bullshit story he’s telling?

      It’s the fact that Jared Kushner is a graduate of Harvard University, with a law degrees from New York University and an MBA from New York University. So, it’s quite easy to accept the propostiion that he intentionally failed to submit proper forms or he intentionally failed to submit properly completed forms for nefarious reasons since he’s highly skilled in reading and wiriting. It’s not at all credble that he’s a poor schnook that simply has has a bad run of luck.

      The truth is, trying to figure out why criminals get caught easily is a waste of time. Let them explain it
      at trial if they don’t take a plea deal which sends them to jail or sends Donald back to his Towers or London Towers.

      • Marty, that article you linked was hysterical! When I started reading it, I thought what the crap is this, talking about their clothing, how much her ugly red coat cost ($3000!) and every detail about each person and what they wear wearing…and btw, you must have gotten lost in all the glamor talk and missed the one sentence that said they did spend the Thanksgiving day with the Head Turkey at Mar-shit-ahole and even included Tiffany. And then keep scrolling…the centerpiece I saw in another article a few days ago and a person commented “omg, even their pumpkins are white!” which cracked me up…and keep scrolling and looking at the pictures of people’s take on Ivanka’s centerpiece designs and all the trash stuff and truly was a great funny article!! Great laugh at the end of this day for me! Go back and go thru the whole thing, it is grand!

        OH, one more thing, I have mentioned before, I am a word person, love good words — legerdemain — wonderful word!

        • You got that right, Murphy. Must have snuck them in for a 1/2 hour as reports imdicate Big Daddy and the Chief of Liars are squeezing them out of D.C.

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