KT McFarland Was Trump Official Who Spoke To Flynn About Russia Sanctions

KT McFarland Was Trump Official Who Spoke To Flynn About Russia Sanctions

Ok, so in the ongoing (and increasingly manic) effort to figure out exactly who is implicated in the Michael Flynn drama, the latest from multiple sources starting with Fox and now including AP and CNN, is that KT McFarland was the senior transition official at Mar-a-Lago who talked with Flynn about communicating with the Russian ambassador about US sanctions.

Apparently, McFarland also met with Mueller’s investigators recently and was asked about Flynn during the interview.

Of course this doesn’t make the most sense. After all, McFarland was the deputy national security adviser, so it’s unclear how she could have instructed Flynn to do anything. But then again, this wasn’t the smoothest transition, so who knows. She was also appointed to be the ambassador to Singapore and was a Fox News contributor.


That’s apparently just the sanctions bit. As far as Kushner and the UN vote on Israeli settlements, people close to the transition now claim it was “a collaborative effort” involving Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon, Flynn and Kushner.

I’m not sure how that makes this any better, although I guess the idea is to try and claim that Flynn was not pressured by any one person to do anything.

Here, this should help clear it up:

Meanwhile, here’s what a senior White House official told CNN about how the President is dealing with all of this on Friday:

The president is feeling no anxiety about the situation. There is no anxiety with Flynn and about what he might say.

[He] feels sorry for Flynn… I think he likes Flynn. He’s thinking about Flynn and his family.

That’s the President for you: always concerned about others and keeping everyone in his thoughts and prayers. Good ol’ selfless Trump.

Some Friday night humor for you:


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