Trump Wakes Up, Says He’ll Open Secret JFK Assassination Files, Taunts ‘Wacky Wilson’

"I will be allowing, as President"...

"I will be allowing, as President"...
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9 comments on “Trump Wakes Up, Says He’ll Open Secret JFK Assassination Files, Taunts ‘Wacky Wilson’

  1. Bill Williams

    I hope he releases the secret file on Ted Cruz’s father’s role in the assassination!

  2. If his greedy corrupt buddies, the GOP’rs don’t enact the 25th, they need to go out the door with him. It is very obvious the man is a lunatic.

    At this point, slamming a cell door on him would almost be too cruel. He probably deserves to spend his last day on earth in a prison but in this country we don’t put people in prison who really belong in an asylum.

    • You’re joking..right??? Of course we put people in prison who belong in an the might learn a lot about how it works.

      • Let me be perfectly clear — there would need to be a conviction of a crime that would result in confinement. Many cases of criminal conviction do not actually place a person behind bars; some result in probated sentences.

        People are not sentenced to prison simply based on insanity.

  3. This is great!! We get to relive the Kennedy assassination..just watch the conspiracy half wits crawl out of the woodwork. Trump is the talk show hosts gift from God.

    Also..I believe Tillerson should have said “Mr. President..the fucking moron….” It absolutely clarifies which moron he’s talking about…my guess is there are probably several thousand elected officials that might fill that bill. We should never..ever..lose sight of a simple fact..every President, including Barrack Obama, talked shit about and insulted all kinds of people behind closed doors. Those illustrious people had filters operating that closed the door before all of it came out publicly. Trump could, and probably will, lie at the drop of a hat for the remainder of his pathetic life..and he will still come in a distant second to the most murderous, disgusting politician of our age..HillaryClintn.

  4. Or that Krusty the clown was worse than Donald the clown.

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