Trump Digs Up John Kelly’s Dead Son In Defense Of Outrageous Obama Claim

Donald Trump is going to go ahead and double down on claims that he is the only President in history that’s ever thought about calling the families of dead soldiers.

During his Monday Rose Garden ramble, Trump was asked the following question by a reporter:

Why haven’t we heard anything from you so far about the Soldiers that were killed in Niger?  And what do you have to say about that?

He started out by explaining that he spent the weekend writing letters (hilarious in its own right) which were set to be sent out as soon as Kellyanne Conway’s decrepit mouth was able to generate enough saliva to lick the stamps.


Then, unable to restrain himself from trying to somehow turn a question about dead soldiers into a pissing contest with Obama, he decided it was a good idea to say this:

…the traditional way – if you look at President Obama and other Presidents, most of them didn’t make calls, a lot of them didn’t make calls.

He would later admit that he had absolutely no idea whether that was true, and rather than just let it go he decided to drag John Kelly into this. After tipping his hand earlier in the day on the radio…


… he would later trot out an “official” from the White House to “confirm.”

No, really. here’s Axios:

After President Trump essentially goaded reporters into asking the question, a senior White House official told Axios that Chief of Staff John Kelly “did not receive a call” from Barack Obama after his son was killed in Afghanistan.

Be smart: Trump is doubling down on a claim that is well outside the bounds of normal political attacks, and now he’s bringing his chief of staff into it. Even after all his previous attacks on Obama, this is new territory for Trump.

The White House did not say whether there was a letter or any other contact between Obama and Kelly. An Obama spokesman didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

And here’s NBC:

As noted above by Axios, this is “new territory,” and you’ve got to know that Kelly does not appreciate being forced to figuratively dig up his dead son to defend Trump’s egregious attack on his predecessor.

If this isn’t enough to make Kelly question whether he needs to resign, then we don’t know what is.

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