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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Started Talking About Generals And Then It All Went Wrong…

"Sarah, have you even seen the speech?"

"Sarah, have you even seen the speech?"
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2 comments on “Sarah Huckabee Sanders Started Talking About Generals And Then It All Went Wrong…

  1. This is deplorable, and the side issue is that we are effectively paying for this – meaning we are paying the salary of Huckabee to stand up there and continually spin false narratives about issues like this within the backdrop of so many huge issues that actually mean something.

    I just have to fall back on my own narrative that the entire current executive branch from the POTUS down must be a left wing insurgency masquerading as republicans and that their actual mission is to once and for all totally destroy any remaining credibility of the GOP and its constituents. How else can we explain this outrageous behavior that is seemingly designed and scripted come off like some kind of SNL parody that runs on a 24-7 schedule?

  2. I especially LOVE the old tweets, one goes back to 2013! Yep, he didn’t just argue with a few generals, he challenged their military decisions, success and overall reputations! Good find, H 🙂

    Horseface needs to tone down that extra layer of face and throw out those eyelashes – Good Lord – looks like she took The Mooch way too serious on his critique of her appearance! Not to mention her overall attitude and rudeness – that is one arrogant hussy!

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