Billionaire Dem Donor Tom Steyer Demands Governors, Mayors Call For Trump’s Impeachment

Billionaire and man who wants you to raise his taxes, Tom Steyer, thinks maybe it's time to go ahead and remove Donald Trump from office before he has a chance to do any more damage. "As a billionaire, I would profit substantially from the tax cuts proposed by President Trump and the Republican Party," Steyer wrote, in an Op-Ed published by the LA Times last month, before adding that despite the windfall he would receive, he is "strongly opposed to even one more penny in cuts for rich peop

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10 thoughts on “Billionaire Dem Donor Tom Steyer Demands Governors, Mayors Call For Trump’s Impeachment

  1. Ok! Trump comes off terrrrrriblllle.
    It’s better than Socialism/Communism which is where the Democrats are leading us albeit ever so slowly.
    And no Trump will not lead us into Fascism this country is greater/stronger than that – hence the right to bear arms

    1. Generally, “either – or” perspectives don’t reflect the universe of in between scenarios that approach the “either” or the “or.” Trump’s performance as a President doesn’t just come off as terrible – it’s far worse than that. We have had many Rs and Ds as President and as none have taken us to far into to socialism or fascism – yet. On the other hand we have not had a modern President elected by a foreign governments interference in his election, or one that openly supports and enables racism, white supremacy, the KKK, and similar neo-nazi movements in the US. Whether Trump is real fascist threat – or just an embarrassing and permanent stain on US presidential history is yet to be seen.

      You do realize that the US has a number of socialized service care systems already. I wouldn’t disagree that they cost too much or that they aren’t frequently abused. That doesn’t mean that those services would be better privatized as most Republicans seem to think (actually they are not thinking.). As an example – hows that corporatized ACA health care working out for your health insurance costs. Are they “affordable” yet?

      I have family in Canada with serious medical problems with one of their children that has required repeated surgeries over a nearly a decade. Their costs for these surgeries (which were better quality than the first ones they had in the States by the “leading pediatric surgeon in the field.”) and their total (higher) taxes are still a fraction of what I have paid in my taxes plus health insurance costs over the past same decade – for which I have never had a claim.

      Trump is not dealing with solving the needed economic affordability and especially lack of competitiveness in US health care – he is still trying show his base and himself that he is better than Obama. While I am certainly not a fan of Obamacare’s outcomes – in a Trump and Obama overall presidential comparisons Trump never had a chance. The bottom line is that Trump has daily demonstrated that he is mentally and professionally unprepared to fill his responsibilities as a US President. He needs to be removed under the 25th Amendment and not impeached. Steyer’s efforts while appreciated, are doomed to failure to start with. Impeachment can only be accomplished by Trump’s fellow Republicans and they lack the ethical and professional responsibility and courage to accomplish it – regardless of Governors or Mayoral opinions and inputs.

      I’m not thrilled with a religious right nut like Pence filling Trump’s place – which is almost a certainty if Trump is removed, but it will cure the Trump mental illness and gross incompetence that is pervasive in the White House, US policy and US politics at present. It’s also an example that is needed for all future presidents – Ds and Rs a like – that you can be removed if you don’t perform competently and rationally as a US President.

    2. Norris, I have read only a few posts by you and I can tell you what the problem is. YOU NEED TO CHANGE TV CHANNELS. You are clearly easily influenced by FOX and other trashy news links.

      I am also laughing at how you put it – that trump “comes off…”, suggesting we interpret him wrong and he just cannot accurately express himself, or something that makes an excuse for him, right? You are obviously one of the uneducated deplorables that he brags would continue to support him even if he shot someone. He is exactly as he seems to be, a horribly mean seriously deranged piece of garbage.

      Your comment “Trump will not lead us into Fascism” — too late for you, he already has.

  2. Tom Steyer is probably right about the danger of an emotional and perhaps delusional POTUS, but being a billionaire Democrat donor, he is the wrong messenger. His op-ed seems to be the predictable rant of a prototypical limousine liberal, like George Soros, Zuckerberg, or Gates that the right just despises, and the middle ignores.

    1. yes the idea of Pence makes me puke but he won’t put us into a war and he will not be re-elected IF he even lasts that long also! IF he is available…good point since he also lied lied lied about Flynn.

      Trump is very dangerous and I hope they rough him up as they drag him out with the trash. He has already been there too long and has made a mess out of this country!

      1. I guess Pence won’t put us into war, because that would cost the Kochs more than it was worth, so he’ll have to suppress his apocalyptic impulses.
        To me it’s a dilemma between an incompetent despotism that carries a risk of nuclear annihilation, and a competent oligarchy that will sell out everything the U.S. supposedly stands for.
        Scylla, meet Charybdis.

        1. Not even trump’s deplorables will tolerate pence – white supremacists do not take to him – he has almost no base to worry about – even his home state hates him. He and his wife really are not trump supporters. Wife did not want him with trump when the pussy grabbing crap hit the news but he “over-ruled” her since the wife submits to husband’s rule and then he accepted the VP job or he would be unemployed! He is not very popular even in the religious circuits!

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