Marc Faber Tells WSJ He Doesn’t Want To Live In A World That Won’t Accept Him For The Racist He Is

Listen, Marc Faber is pretty sure that most people agree with him when it comes to how lucky we all are that “the blacks” didn’t “populate America.”

You’ll recall that in the latest edition of the “Gloom, Boom & Doom Report” (which is kind of like a crystal ball, only in reverse), Faber “digressed” into an absurd, racist screed about the history of slavery. Ultimately, Faber offered up a defense of Confederate monuments that sounded a lot like Donald Trump’s infamous August 15 press conference the only difference being that in this case, the person defending slavery is literate. If you missed it, here it is:


As it turns out, saying that America’s prosperity is entirely attributable to “a white majority” doesn’t sit well with most people. Who knew, right? Although to be fair, Marc Faber’s record when it comes to predictions suggests that he couldn’t accurately forecast the sun rising in the east, so I guess it’s not surprising that he didn’t see the backlash coming.


Well now, in a letter to WSJ’s Ben Eisen, Faber is going to imagine that you too are a white supremacist.

Asked if he had lost subscribers to his newsletter, Faber said the following:

No, I think most people actually agree with me and certainly defend freedom of expression even if it does not coincide with their views.

Yes. Much like how I didn’t cancel my subscription to the popular morning e-mail newsletter “5 Hitler Quotes To Start Your Day” because I realized that doing so would amount to a vote against freedom of expression.

And Faber went on to remind everyone about the true source of evil in this world: people who aren’t racist.

Altogether [I resigned from] 5 boards in one day. If saying what I said leads to these consequences I prefer not to be on these boards.

In response to one CEO’s suggestion that he might been hopped on meth and Peyote when he suggested that slavery was a venerable institution defended by “honorable” men, Faber went on chronicle the history of his drug use:

Since I have only taken Cocaine three times and marijuana about ten times in seventy years, I did not think these were appropriate comments.

Yes, “inappropriate comments” which, there can now be no doubt, Marc knows something about.

Additionally, Faber wants you to know that he thinks it’s a real kick in the balls for the media to call him a racist:

To call someone a racist is a form of low blow insult. Insult is the response of the weak to strength of character.

Right. What’s not a “low blow insult” apparently, is calling African Americans a race of backward, inferior beings incapable of forming a prosperous society.

Finally, he channeled 2Pac in explaining that “only God can judge me now”:

I am not God. I am not here to judge other people.

A couple of things in closing.

First of all, if one can use “what societies have done for years” as an excuse when defending the indefensible, then Marc needs to stop criticizing the prevailing financial order because after all, “societies have been doing it for years.”

And second: “the blacks” aren’t doing so bad after all…




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7 thoughts on “Marc Faber Tells WSJ He Doesn’t Want To Live In A World That Won’t Accept Him For The Racist He Is

  1. It is very clear to me that this loon Farber just does not really know what racism is, he just does not get it. And he never will. Just like trump. Too stupid. Here’s an example of a person who is too stupid to understand.

    My own mother. She would tell me about a woman who lived in her apartment complex – “the black lady across the driveway from me” and I would use that moment to explain that she should say “the lady across the driveway from me” … and she would say “the black man at Walgreen’s told me…” and I would say to her, say it this way “the man at Walgreen’s told me…” For years and years, countless times I would seize the opportunity to try and show by example how she could take the steps to not be a racist. She would firmly and angrily tell me she was most certainly not a racist because she had black friends. On her deathbed she said to me “go tell that black nurse I need my pill” and I knew she would be dead by end of the day so I just let it slide – clearly never going to change, never.

  2. On reading Faber’s excerpt above in its entirety, sadly I must agree it’s indeed insensitive and sounds racist, although the substance of the entire excerpt isn’t unreasonable. His offensive side-tangent wasn’t at all germane to his piece so why he go there? If I was black, I certainly would dislike it and feel hurt. Not empathetic to say the least. Regardless, on balance I still like him overall, warts and all…

    Thing is, I now live in what the excessively PC Americans would certainly call an openly racist society, and yet there is less racial acrimony & discord & problems here than in the US. It’s more honest here and racist attitudes where they exist aren’t mercilessly condemned – it’s just your attitude & opinion with which others may or may not agree. And I see more interracial acceptance & friendships here and, importantly, it’s *genuine* acceptance because you don’t gotta pretend/conform like in US. Hard to explain as you gotta live it to understand but it’s just better here, period, even for a visible minority like me. It’s too big a topic to go into here but something to think about.

    I think you cannot effectively legislate and PC-enforce your way to good manners and genuine tolerance; you can only try to enlighten through education & experience to get real results.

  3. “Marc Faber’s record when it comes to predictions suggests that he couldn’t accurately forecast the sun rising in the east”
    “kind of like a crystal ball, only in reverse”

    OK, quick fact check…

    Independent study ranks Faber’s forecast analysis as middling, not bottom.

    Bear in mind this is a survey of 68 of many highly reputed gurus, so even ranking anywhere therein is an impressive achievement, never mind actually placing among the middle of the best.


    1. oh give me a break. that’s a tortured assessment. Everyone knows Marc Faber doesn’t even try to be right. I mean for God’s sake man, why do you think he named his newsletter “The Gloom, Boom & Doom” report? the whole shtick is to be wrong. that’s part of it.

      1. Well it has Prechter (of Elliottwave) ranked at the very bottom and indeed the technician part of me has noted that his EW count (and even alternate count) for the dow hasn’t been accurate, but I respect Prechter’s work anyway – plus AFAIK he’s not racist so let’s elevate Bob’s rank?…

        Point being the two issues of ability and character are separate imho… After all, money IS fascist. Just look at how the Euro leaped again yesterday when Rajoy again squashed Catalonia with the Eurocrats’ silent blessing.

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