A 3-Word Explanation For Desperate Dollar Doldrums

A 3-Word Explanation For Desperate Dollar Doldrums

Listen, here's the thing: judging by my inbox, there are at least four readers who did not appreciate my three-word explanation for why the dollar is in the doldrums. Here's that explanation, as presented in Friday's "The Week In Charts" post: Too much treason. Besides being hilarious, that is in fact the reason for this: "Long USD" was supposed to be one of 2017's "no brainer" trades. That call rested on the rather dubious assumption that Donald Trump would be able to swiftly implement his
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One thought on “A 3-Word Explanation For Desperate Dollar Doldrums

  1. It would be nice to know what portion of currency traders are trend followers, as opposed to relative economic fortune prognisticators. It seems like a good approach would be to never let things get too far out of hand relative to well considered purchasing power parity calculations. And yes, USD related forecasts were a bit deterministic when originally put forth. The EURO parity is pretty far North of here and largely explains German export trends.

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