Constitutional Crisis, Here We Come?

"He can’t be fired just because the president is worried about what he might find. But he can be removed if he violates department regulations — which made Trump’s use of the word “violation” intriguing."

********** Via Doyle McManus for the LA Times President Trump has openly declared war on Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating the Russian saga. The president clearly wishes he could fire Mueller; his associates say he’s mused about that for weeks. Now, by stepping up the pressure, he’s moving toward a showdown, and a possible constitutional crisis. There’s plenty of other craziness billowing from the White House: lawyers considering whether the president can pardon himself, the president publicly denouncing his attorney general for failing to protect him. But the clearest portent of a crisis is the president’s increasingly evident desire to be rid of the meddlesome prosecutor, who appears to be doing his job too well. The trigger: Mueller’s investigators have reportedly begun looking for evidence of Trump family business deals with Russians — deals the president says never existed. According to the Washington Post, Trump was especially angry about reports that Mueller was seeking his tax returns, documents the president has guarded fiercely even when it was politically risky to do so. So far, Trump and his growing army of lawyers are attacking Muel
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3 comments on “Constitutional Crisis, Here We Come?

  1. RT says:

    Donald Quixote de la Mar-a-Lago

  2. Anonymous says:

    Pardoning himself may be as impossible as performing a certain anatomically difficult act on himself. But he might try the former and accomplish the latter.

  3. Curt Tyner says:

    I think “The Donald” is just itching to unleash the Twitter bombs swirling around in his head, his lawyers must have him in a straight jacket so he can’t. Republicans are frozen in a quandary of “signature needed” apoplexy to even think of “doing the right thing”. Just another day, week, dare I say year of “Too Much Treason”. Pardons aplenty coming soon…….

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