‘Rock-n-Roll’ Gundlach Says Bloomberg Is Lying About Him Again – Go Bills

What to say about “bond king” Jeff Gundlach?

As regular readers know, Jeff is man who not too long ago bravely took the plunge into the Twitterverse.

That’s not a move for the faint of heart.

Indeed, if you join Twitter and don’t know, ahead of time, what you’re getting yourself into, you’re walking into a trap.

That goes double or triple if you’re a public figure like Gundlach.

We’ve documented Jeff’s foray into Twitterdom extensively since he first bellyflopped into the tweet pool in early May.

It’s a journey we’ve been thrilled to take with Jeff but it’s had its ups and downs.

There were a couple of furious rants complete with all sorts of accusations, name calling, and unnecessary punctuation, for instance.

Jeff capped off one of those tirades by trying to upload a profile picture, only to accidentally tweet this to thousands of followers:


Then there was the time he accused rival bond fund managers of creating fake Gundlach accounts as part of a conspiracy to undermine him.

And don’t forget about the exceedingly unfortunate incident that found Gundlach verbally sparring with one @Jimmyjude13 who, despite Jeff’s protestations, thinks the only think to do in Buffalo is “jerk off.”

More recently, Jeff accused Joe Kernen and Jim Cramer (the “the alliteration twins” as he dubbed them) of misrepresenting him on CNBC.

All of this in an effort to stop the spread of “fake” Gundlach news, which Jeff thinks is being disseminated on a (fairly) regular basis by all manner of bad actors including some of the folks mentioned above.

Recently, Jeff took some subliminal shots at the aforementioned @Jimmyjude13 as well as Kernen and Cramer via his Twitter profile to which he has added “Bills fan” and “Truth fan.”

Well, another group of potentially unscrupulous people are the folks at Bloomberg, who Gundlach last month accused of “jamming” his name into stories that don’t have anything to do with him in order to generate fake Gundlach clicks:


That last bit is key.

Jeff was really – really – perturbed (not to mention mystified) that Bloomberg ignored the always exciting world of variable annuities and although Jeff hasn’t yet figured out what exactly it is Bloomberg is trying to hide, he’ll get to the bottom of it eventually – even if it kills him.

Well on Thursday Jeff is irritated at Bloomberg again.

Here’s Jeff servin’ up some “truth”:


Now can you see what Bloomberg is up to?!

This is just more evidence to support the message that’s implicit in most of Gundlach’s tweets: there is a conspiracy against Gundlach and it’s operating at all levels of the media. It’s Cramer, it’s CNBC, it’s Bloomberg, and it’s that fucking Kernen with his perfect hair.

Jeff has also taken to live-blogging the markets recently, an effort you can check out for yourself on his feed.

But before you go thinking Jeff doesn’t have a lighter side, do consider this from late last month:


That’s right: “teamwork.”

Well, we’re with you, Jeff.

And with a little “teamwork,” we’ll spread so much goddamn “truth” on Twitter that it’ll be coming out of people’s eyes.

As a “team”, we’ll get to the bottom of the conspiracy against you and not only that, we’ll make sure everyone on God’s green earth knows there’s more to do in Buffalo than “jerk off.”

Go Bills.


1 comment on “‘Rock-n-Roll’ Gundlach Says Bloomberg Is Lying About Him Again – Go Bills

  1. David Marilley

    He should have tweeted that everyone knows Cramer is a home gamer. Nice ring, right?

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