A Brief And Hilarious History Of Trump’s Tweets About Amazon

A Brief And Hilarious History Of Trump’s Tweets About Amazon

A few minutes ago, Donald Trump unleashed his latest dose of Twitter “covfefe” on the unsuspecting masses, lashing out at WaPo and Amazon in this “presidential” gem:


That appears to have caused Amazon shares to dip momentarily just after the open:


For those wondering, this is of course not the first time Trump has gone after Amazon or, for that matter, after Amazon’s stock.

For instance, back in 2015 he tweeted the following:



However, if you look back at 5+ years of Trump’s tweet history, you’ll discover that he’s actually a big Bezos fan – as long as Bezos is selling Trump’s book, which is “a great gift idea that’s easy to order on Amazon“…


So basically, if you’re looking for a used copy of “Time To Get Tough,” then by all means go and buy one on Amazon.

Other than that, fuck Amazon and their tax avoidance schemes and especially fuck WaPo, because after all, those are the people who are eventually going to get this man impeached:



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