“Euphoria”: I’m Lovin’ It

“Euphoria”: I’m Lovin’ It

Beating dead horses has become a hobby of ours. Although "posthumous equine abuse" isn't something we'd list under "interests" if we were say, signing up for a dating site, we don't mind engaging in it if we think doing so might drive home a particularly important point. -- Heisenberg That's one of our favorite quotes from one of our favorite market commentators: us. And when it comes to beating dead horses, nothing has been posthumously abused more than the idea that central bank liquidity is
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2 thoughts on ““Euphoria”: I’m Lovin’ It

  1. The truth comes out: there is more than one of you.
    Thus, the superhuman output of HQ verbiage and visuals.
    OR… lotsa that blue stuff.

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