Tuesday Humor: Matt Drudge Is Worried That The Media Has Become Too Political

Matt Drudge doesn’t often tweet from his personal Twitter account and it’s easy to understand why: because every time he does, he says something stupid.

You know, like suggesting we should get rid of people at the National Weather Service for warning about too much snow:


Yes, “laughable.” Damn “hysterical” meteorologists.

So in March it was weathermen, but on Tuesday, Drudge is angry at the Washington Post and you can probably imagine why.

See some folks over there at WaPo got the insane idea that the American people would be interested in finding out that Donald Trump may have leaked highly classified information about ISIS to the Russians.

So do you know what those bastards at WaPo did? Why, they printed a story about it, that’s what they did. It’s almost like they thought they were a newspaper and the people who worked there thought they were reporters.

Well Drudge isn’t having it. Which is why he tweeted this gem this morning:


Just in case it isn’t immediately apparent to you why that is so ridiculous, Drudge accusing another media outlet of turning political coverage into a “bloodsport” is about like Dracula accusing the taxman of being a “bloodsucking vampire.”

But thanks anyway Matt. You’re just the dark angel of justice this country needs.

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