Trump’s Idiot Trade Czar Tanks Dollar With Absurd Attack On Germany

Trump’s Idiot Trade Czar Tanks Dollar With Absurd Attack On Germany

Well folks, I've gotta tell you, it's coming apart at the seams now. The dollar is heading sharply lower (which means the Treasury shorts are getting proper f*cked) following remarks by Trump's de facto trade czar Peter Navarro - who is also a pseudo economist with a shoddy reputation in academia - who earlier pegged Germany as a "currency exploiter" (who the hell knows what that means). "USD/JPY -1% at 112.71 vs 112.50 fresh low as markets react to latest comments from President Trump blamin
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10 thoughts on “Trump’s Idiot Trade Czar Tanks Dollar With Absurd Attack On Germany

  1. As evidenced by the last paragraph, will the H. Report now be a source for initiating/promoting conspiracy theory? A great start with serial “perhaps”, “wonders”, “might”, “apparent” (and all in one sentence)!

    1. Umm, yeah. So we have a newly appointed government official saying Germany is manipulating the Euro, even though given the rules of the EU that is impossible. Causing turn throughout the markets (GLD spiked! thanks Pete). And you are saying the H-man is into conspiracies?

  2. The fact that this type of nonsense is moving the markets is eye opening to say the least.

    Peter Navarro is definitely my worst Navarro. My top 3 Navarro’s are

    1. Fats (taken too soon)
    2. Dave (the earlier stuff was better)
    3. Ana (it’s a tough job but someone has to do it)

  3. All these idiots do is try to create enemies. There are no reasonable efforts put into solutions without conflict. I remember reading about past regimes who had this problem in history class. It never seems to end well for the countries run by the idiots. Congress needs to get enough on Trump to impeach him, real quick like.

    1. Sure, I get were you want the overall well being for the country. But these idiots create turn in the markets,without turn then lazy day traders need to work for a living. Who would want that?

  4. Trump will create his own reality until his reality tragically intersects with real reality… like a matter-antimatter reaction. Then he will blame his mess on the press, Congress, Canadians, the Pope or whomever is available. This strange US experiment in delusional politics will not end well.

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