Reflections On The “Deeply Troubling” End Of Globalization

Reflections On The “Deeply Troubling” End Of Globalization

So, how many times in the past month have I written something about the possible demise of globalization and a politics-driven retrenchment in global trade? A lot, right? That's because it's one of the most important geopolitical and economic themes hanging over markets in the new year. As I've outlined exhaustively, rolling back globalization is a step backwards in time - a move away from modernization and societal advancement. It threatens multiculturalism and promises to undercut a progres
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One thought on “Reflections On The “Deeply Troubling” End Of Globalization

  1. How can the US and all our trading partners keep from contraction on almost all levels with all of the political potholes in our collective futures? How about Population+ Debt+ Religion+ Greed+ Politics+ !% Cronyism= The Shit We Are In………….

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