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Reflections On The “Deeply Troubling” End Of Globalization

So, how many times in the past month have I written something about the possible demise of globalization and a politics-driven retrenchment in global trade? A lot, right? That's because it's one of the most important geopolitical and economic themes hanging over markets in the new year. As I've outlined exhaustively, rolling back globalization is a step backwards in time - a move away from modernization and societal advancement. It threatens multiculturalism and promises to undercut a progressive agenda that's helped make the world a more civilized place. Proponents of the anti-globalization push (e.g. populist politicians, nationalist political movements, and the dreaded alt-right blogosphere) will argue that the opposite is true - that the rise of terrorism and spread of Wahhabist ideals proves that a globalized world is a dangerous world. Whatever you believe, think critically. Ask yourself if the policy proposals espoused by the fringe politicians whose popularity grows by the day truly represent a viable long-term strategy or whether disintegration will simply serve to exacerbate the divisions that populist movements blame for society's ills. And with that I've done it
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1 comment on “Reflections On The “Deeply Troubling” End Of Globalization

  1. Curt Tyner says:

    How can the US and all our trading partners keep from contraction on almost all levels with all of the political potholes in our collective futures? How about Population+ Debt+ Religion+ Greed+ Politics+ !% Cronyism= The Shit We Are In………….

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