The Ghosts Of Central Banks Past And Future

The Ghosts Of Central Banks Past And Future

Well, it's just about over. The greatest (or worst, depending on how you're inclined to look at things) experiment in the history of monetary policy is about to be gradually wound down. From the ECB taper to the Fed hike to the Riksbank's "hawkish" QE extension (and yes, that's an oxymoron of sorts), it appears as though the central banks of the world are going to attempt to stick the dismount. How successful they'll ultimately be (especially considering inflation is anything but robust) remai
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3 thoughts on “The Ghosts Of Central Banks Past And Future

  1. The Bozo Central Bankers are still using those old 1968 AFL play books. But now, they are having trouble figuring out all the Variables and skewed scatter plots being used by the opposing teams They Have NEVER Played against them yet. And if they pull out the WRONG CARD at the WRONG TIME, in this House of Cards, they will all come falling down and Humpty Dumpty won’t get put back together again.

    Some countries have INFLATION, while others are having DEFLATION, and each of their play books has to be different at any given time. All I can get from this is that FIAT CURRENCY is now exchanged by FAITH and FAITH ALONE. Boy! We are all becoming REAL BELIEVERS in this present global system/or are we?

    It’s like Jesse is NOT the only one ‘cooking up’ stuff now’; there are just too many cooks a’cookin’ and they don’t know who is competing with them until they distribute.

  2. Its all just blah blah blah until price discovery is refound and mal investment is allowed to be wrung out of the system! Paul Volker for Fed chair.

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