Breaking Down Policy Shift By Country

Breaking Down Policy Shift By Country

One of the themes at the forefront of everyone's mind (well, at the forefront but still behind "make America great again," of course) is the passing of the baton from monetary to fiscal policy. There's a growing chorus of observers out there who think it may be time to start unwinding the global monetary gravy train in favor of fiscal stimulus and that chorus has only grown louder in the wake of Donald Trump's ascendance to the highest office on the planet. As Barclays puts it, "against a back
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2 thoughts on “Breaking Down Policy Shift By Country

  1. That’s your only question??? You need to ask a lot more questions.

    Seriously. Ask Canada for the answer! We’re “off the charts” again!

    No, but really SERIOUSLY! We were anchors during the last US generated financial meltdown in 2008 with your crapola banking system, I’m sure we’ll be the for our wreckless big brother again in the future. In the meantime, we like the trend that your new boss is advocating. “Get the guys in the south to pay for the wall!”! hehehe Just kidding, we like ya. Just don’t push it. Remember 1812… hehehe

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