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Reflation Nation: “Righting” The Wrongs With A Single, Enduring Populist Push

Do you believe in miracles? Apparently somebody does, which is why we’re seeing record after record on Wall Street in
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1 comment on “Reflation Nation: “Righting” The Wrongs With A Single, Enduring Populist Push

  1. Re: “Western electorates will figure this out in time but apparently we’re going to try it first which is a shame because it PLAYS RIGHT ON INTO THE HANDS of non-Western interests …”

    Is The Heisenberg both phobic about deplorable “Western electorates” and xenophobic regarding “non-Western interests”? Though perhaps both currently Populist and always Pragmatic, surely it is not politically correct to suggest placing US INTERESTS BEFORE THE ENLIGHTENED, GENTLE “HANDS OF NON-WESTERN INTERESTS.”

    Re: “This is just fine with the non-Western world of course because it replaces experienced statesmen and women with gallivanting loudmouths that are QUITE FRANKLY EASY TO MANIPULATE …”

    If Obama had possessed maybe just eight or ten years of real experience, he likely would have been remembered as one of the greatest US Presidents. And the Democratic Party and its alt-left Sanders would not have been “QUITE FRANKLY EASY TO MANIPULATE” (and with so little funds, objective press, or sagacious show-biz celebs).

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